Nesvizh is located 110 kilometers South-West from Minsk at the source of the river Usha (a tributary of the Neman River). In 1533 Nesvizh due to marriage and inheritance passed to the Radziwill family, which in the XVI century assumed state importance and in 1547 became the prince family. Many pages of lives of such prominent figures of Belarusian culture, as Symon Budny, Tomas Makovetskii, Vladislav Sirokomlya, Yakub Kolas, etc. were connected with Nesvizh.
Since 1991, Nesvizh - a famous historical town, centre of culture and tourism of the independent Republic of Belarus. In 1993 created The Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Nesvizh» was created, in 1995 a historical-land museum was opened.

The basic architectural ensemble of Nesvizh is a castle-type Radziwill Palace, built in recent years of the XVI century by Italian architect J. Bernardini, and subsequently it wasrepeatedly changed and re-built. The castle consists of 10 interconnected buildings, which together form a architectural whole around the front door 6-sided courtyard. The entrance gates have been preserved - Brama, there is a tower, high walls surrounding the castle, and deep ditches with water outside them, and on the perimeter. Surroundings of the castle are occupied by an extensive park, which was specially planned and divided into five parts.

The central - history - part of Nesvizh is separated from the castle by a large pond, which is crossed by a dam-bridge. Its still safed rectangular layout and outstanding historic buildings that have survived in our days, belong to the prosperity of the town, i.e. basically to the end of XVI - early XVII centuries. The Old Town Hall with clock tower and malls surrounding it on three sides are located at the Central Square (formerly Market Square). Other notable buildings of the old part of Nesvizh - is first and foremost, the Farny (Parish) Roman Catholic Church of Holiest Corpus Christi, which has beautiful interiors in the baroque style, a Benedictine monastery, the Slutskaya Brama (town gates), high urban defense tower, the «House on the market» (a house of a rich craftsman).

A chain of the 4 ponds, limiting the complex ftom the East gives the particular beauty of it. The Castle and the Roman Catholic Church, as well as some other buildings of Nesvizh had a marked influence on the further development of architecture in this part of Europe and in Russia. The contemporary Nesvizh is one of the most beautiful parts of Belarus. It is called the «Northern Paris», the «Uncrowned Capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania»: this is the Slutskaya Brama (1690's), the Town Hall Square with the Town Hall, Farny Catholic Church, the building of the printing house and a monument to the great Belarusian educator Symon Budny, the famous park.

Nesvizh - a town treasure, whose charm has not been lost with age. The palace and the park ensemble and the historical centre in Nesvizh with its objects and landscapes - almost the only one in Belarus, which remains its shape, has a satisfactory state since the ancient times.