The Lake Naroch Land
The Lake Naroch Land

Vileyka, Volozhin, Molodechno and Myadel regions are located on the North-West of Minsk Oblast. They form the Naroch Tourism Zone created by a decision of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee in 2005. Its centre – the Naroch Lake and its picturesque surroundings, with its natural, historical, archaeological and architectural landmarks.

Administrative, historical and cultural entities Hotels and sanatoria
1. Myadel 11. Nature Complex «Blue Lakes» 1. Sanatorium «Belaya Rus» 11. Resort «Zhuravushka»
2. Mariinsky Catholic Church (Myadel) 12. Olshevo 2. Resort «Narochasnsky Bereg» 12. National Children Health Camp «Zubryonok»
3. The Old Castle (Myadel) 13. Komarovo  3. Sanatorium «Naroch» 13. Health Centre «Narochanka»
4. Nikoltsy 14. Konstantinovo 4. Hotel «Shvakshty» 14. Sanatorium «Sosny»
5. Ilyinskaya Church (v. Naroch) 15. St. Nicholas Catholic Church (Svir) 5. Hotel «Naroch» 15. Rest Camp «Rudakovo»
6. St. Andrew Catholic Church (v. Naroch) 16. Uspenskaya Church (Svir) 6.Sanatorium & Health Centre «Priozerny»
7. Burial place of the World War I soldiers 17. Troitsky Catholic Church (Zasvir) 7. Tourist Complex «Naroch»
8. St. Nicholas the Baptist Catholic Church (Kamai) 18. Estate «Shemetovshchina» 8. Resort «Sputnik»
9. Granite cross (Kamai) 19. Wind-energy buildings 9. Sanatorium «Borovoe»
10. St. Andrew Catholic Church (Lyntupy) 20. Guerillas` bases  10. Health Camp «Chayka»

There are many legends about the origin of the Lake Naroch, which gave its name to the land. One of them tells that once on the shore of a large lake with crystal-clear water lived a girl named Nara. At sunset, she loved to sit by the water on the sandy beach and sing, playing harp. One day a landowner, old widower heard Nara song and wanted to take the girl as his wife. Nara had the groom, and she refused. The servants killed the guy and took the girl to the landowner's mansions. The night before the wedding Nara set fire to the palace and tried to escape. On the coast she was overtook by the palace guard. When Nara realized that she could not escape the chase, she jumped into the water. Since that time, the lakehas been called by her name – Nara, or Naroch.

Naroch land is unique by its primitiveness. Its distinguishing feature is accumulation of large and small lake ecosystems, which constitute 17.1% of the total area. They primarily include the Lake Naroch - one of the largest and most picturesque lakes in Belarus.

The national park «Narochansky» is 94.000 hectares, with 36.400 hectares of them is the area of the forest stock. Approximately 16% of forests have been artificially created. The pine forests with scenic lakes are concentrated in the Blue Lakes area. Over 55% of the entire flora of Belarus are represented in the flora of Naroch land.

The greatest changes are undergone with the swamp vegetation. Large areas of wswamps have been reclaimed and converted into agricultural lands. Now there are about only 4,8% of swamps in the park in its natural state. The most unique are Gremyashchee and Dyagili swamps.

The territory is unique in its spa and fitotherapy properties, which was the basis for selection of a vast resort zone, construction of the well-known resort «Naroch» and a tourist complex.

In Naroch land you can meet elk, wild boar, roe deer, raccoon, hare, hare, marten, squirrel, otter, beaver. Appearance of lynx has been recently noted. The complete list of Naroch birds includes 185 species. 24 of them are in the Red Book of Belarus. At the time of creation of the National Park «Narochansky» there operated 6 republican reserves, 1 of which is a landscape reserve, 2 – hydrological reserve, 3 – biology reserve.

The land lakes can be geographically united in 4 groups. The lakes Naroch, Myastro, Batorino, Blednoe join together in the well-known Naroch Lake Group. The lakes Bolduk, Glublya and Glubelka - the Blue Lakes Group. The lakes Svir and Svirnische are part of the Svir Lakes Group. Other lakes form the Myadiel Lakes Group (Myadel, Volchino, Kuzmichi, Lotvino, Rudakovo).

Here is the largest spring in the Belarusian Lake District and the second largest in the republic –the Boltsik spring. It represents a group of springs and is located in Myadel region in the National Park «Narochansky», 32 kilometers North-West from Myadel. Water springs differs high taste and purity in it, there are no nitrates and nitrites. The locals generally consider that water springs have healing properties.

Naroch land has modern tourist infrastructure. Its unspoiled nature, healing climate, scenic surroundings, numerous historical, archaeological and architectural landmarks attract many Belarusian and foreign visitors. This region always welcomes new guests!