The Mound of Glory
The Mound of Glory

On July, 1 2004 the Memorial Complex «the Mound of Glory» was re-opened after restoration. For Belarus, which in 2004 celebrated the 60-th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi occupation, restoration of the memorial is a landmark event. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko.

In his speech, the Head of State stressed the historic significance of the strategic offensive operation «Bagration». The created mound (full name - «the Mound of Glory of the Soviet Army – the Liberator of Belarus») perpetuated the feat of the liberators of Belarus. The fate of the memorial displays the history of the Belarusian people on the turn of centuries. Immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Soviet legacy was rejected. In this environment, many monuments, including the Mound of Glory, came to desolation. Today, we have other times, and the memorial was restored by all the world. Now, every Belarusian could lead his son, grandson to the monument and tell about the heroism of the Soviet people.

The President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko thanked all those who restored the Mound of Glory. The state, trade unions, youth, foreign countries participated in this noble business, stressed the Belarusian leader. Alexandr Lukashenko expressed his sincere gratitude to the architects, painters, builders, personnel of enterprises, associations and individuals who contributed to the restoration of the complex.
Construction of the mound began on November, 20 1967. Thousands of residents of Minsk and Minsk Oblast, military personnel together with professional builders took part in the creation of the monument.

The inauguration of the Mound of Glory was held in the 25 th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus – on July, 5 1969. The monument is located in Smolevichi Region, the 25-kilometer point of the Minsk-Moscow highway. The height - 35 meters. At the top, in the center of a viewing platform there are 4 obelisks in the form of bayonets, representing 4 fronts which liberated Belarus in summer 1944, a stone ring with images the guerrillas and various types of troops. 2 stairs, at 241 steps each, lead to the viewing platform. On the slope there is a memorial plate with an inscription: «The land from the hero-cities and other places of fierce fighting, from towns and villages that have ever distinguished themselves by arms and labour feats for the sake of freedom and independence of the Soviet Motherland, lay – handful to handful -in the Mound of Glory».